Elatec's main focus are embedded solutions, display, input/output devices and standard components. We have been working with big names in the business over two decades.

Zytronic Nipon Primex Avalue JNM
Touchscreen Technologies OEM Printers Embedded Computing Open Frame Monitors
AGL IEI 3M Innodisk
High Brightness Displays Embedded computing Touchscreens Memory Modules
DWin NLT Technology AV Display Arbor
Intelligent Displays Advanced TFT Displays Monochrom Display Embedded Computing
AUO Powertip MSI Princeton
TFT Displays Monochrome and TFT Embedded Computing Audio & Video IC
Bopla Fujitsu Renata IC Nexus
Plastic Cases Printing Units Lithium Batteries Embedded ARM
Zywyn - Asix
Hahn Fastwel Embux
Interface IC Transormers Embedded ComputingRISC Computing