SAW - Surface acoustic wave

The Touch surface wave has transmitting and receiving piezoelectric transducers for the X and Y axes mounted directly on the faceplate. The controller sends five-megahertz electrical to the transmitting transducer ,which converts the signal into ultrasonic waves within the surface of the glass .these wave are directed across the faceplate by an array of reflectors .Reflectors on the opposite side gather and direct the waves to the receiving transducer ,which reconverts them into an electrical signal .the process is repeated for each axis. When you touch the screen,you absorb a portion of the waves traveling across it .the received signals for X and Y are compared to the stored digital maps ,the change is recognized ,and a coordinate is calculated .

Features of SAW
• Pure glass touch screens with superior image clarity, high resolution, good quality light transmition.
• Durable, scratch-resistance glass surface, continues to work if scratched.
• High touch point density: over 10000 touch points per square inch.
• Good stableness without drift, automatic correction, accurate operation.
• Long life expectance, over 50 million touches in one location without failure.
• Long touch screens warranty is also available.
• Finger, gloved hand, and soft stylus activation