Optical filters

Zytronic optical filters are used to enhance the readability of all types of electronic displays by controlling light transmission, reflection and absorption. The filters can also provide protection of the display from abrasion, impact damage and environmental EMI, RFI and infrared impacts so that they extend the life of the equipment.

Anti-glare (AG) – anti-reflective (AR) filter

The additional anti-glare layer features light scattering with a matt surface, which reduces glare at the cost of decreased contrast and colour intensity.

The anti-reflective coating is a type of optical coating applied to the glass surface to reduce reflection. This improves the efficiency of the system since less light is lost compared with AG. The reduction in reflections also improves the contrast of the image and AR is the first choice for outdoor applications exposed to sunshine.

Infrared filter

The sunshine and its infrared emissing light spectrum is a serious problem especially in countries located in the south where it causes overheating of the equipment and possible damage of the display. The infrared filter eliminates the solar gain and increases reliability of all products.

EMI and RFI filters

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Radio-frequency Interference (RFI) can be described as a form of electrical disturbance, signal or noise which interferes with the ability of electrical or electronic equipment to function and work properly.

Such phenomena are especially undesirable in sensitive applications as security rooms and equipments, data communication and processing, and medical and defense activities. EMI and RFI filters increase reliability and durability of the equipment.

The solution is a casing designed as a Faraday Cage where a shielded window must be an integral part of the fully shielded system.

Privacy viewing filter

In applications for security data processing, ATMs or defense purposes, there is a necessary security requirement. i. e. no persons other than the authorized user can read any data from the screen. The privacy viewing filter thanks to its louvered structure ensures perfect readability for the competent user and invisibility for other persons.

Heating for glass de-icing

Icing of cover glass in outdoor applications is a real problem in countries located in the north , with long winters and demanding weather conditions. Zytronic can integrate heating for glass de-icing

Screen printing

Especially in public areas where the risk of scratching is high, the right solution seems to be to put the print from the rear side of the cover glass. In addition to it a customer can use these options to combine a touch area with integrated buttons or a keyboard which can replace a membrane switch or an additional keyboard. The solution is scratch resistant, without moving parts and high reliable and durable.