Icon LCD display (custom solution)

An Icon LCD display is one of the most popular displays for small and lower cost products. The display is cheap, full customization is already possible for small quantities and its integration is really simple. There is a wide range of technologies available which enable you to create several visual effects, especially when using different backlight colours.

Whatever color you want

In the following images some basic visual options as positive/negative design and several backlight colors are demonstrated:

  • Positive image

  • Negative image

Communication via color

Another example of customization is using of the double colour LCD backlight. There are many products where a user wants to see a message, e.g. „OK/ not OK", from a long distance. Then the display colour can help you to differentiate the message, e.g.green can represent OK, ready, in use, etc. and red can be understood as not OK, busy, problem, not in use, etc.

Using the best

The best visual result, you can get, is with Black Mask LCD technology which provides a real black background increasing the display contrast. This technology can be combined with several backlight colours as well.

  • Standard LCD

  • Black Mask

Interactivity is the trend

Interactivity and better user's comfort are the reasons why a touch screen becomes more and more popular and applied in all kinds of products. The resistive technology is mainly used for various applications, however if the touch screen must be anti-scratch resistant or controllable through a front panel, the capacitive technology is the right choice.

Get colour LCD cheap

All world is moving from a monochrom to colour display where TFT technology has been established. However this is connected with higher costs for the TFT display and necessary driver board. Than the RGB Icon LCD seems to be the cheaper solution where every segment can show one of 8 colours (programmable). The display is available as a custom LCD modul with MCU interface. Due to the commercial temperature range this kind of products is destined for home appliances, fitness machines and other indoor products. Its integration with a touch screen is available as well.

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