DWIN Smart TFT display

Beijing DWIN Technology is a world-leading high-tech industrial automation enterprise which is dedicated to the research, development and manufacture of Human Machine Interfaces (HMI).

DWIN plays a major role in the market of Industrial UART display modules in the market of the construction machinery, healthcare instruments and electronic equipment with focus on high reliability. UART interface and simplified MCU and graphical programming make the applications easy.

HMI Modules with Touch

Many applications still using monochrom character or graphic display need to be upgraded to a color TFT display with a touch screen. However TFT display asks always for an efficient CPU platform supporting RGB or LVDS interface what usual low cost single chip microcontrollers can not offer. This means in many cases complete redesign of internal hardware and software. Next to more expensive microcontroller must be used, there is lot of development costs also, delay with product launching and all the potential risc with new product development.

However there is other much more simple solution available. Dwin's intelligent HMI modules with TFT display and touch screen can be connected by RS232/ RS485 or USB seriál interface to any application and easy to use GUI allows to finish the application in some few hours. Big advantage is that customers don't need to change main hardware or software of a current product and with a small time and cost investment can launch new product to the market really fast. The DWIN HMI modules are available as OEM version without housing or as a complete device with plastic or metal cover.

Special DGUS software (DWIN Graphical Utility Software) is a new GUI software which was developed in the way of configuration software via exchanging data between internal memory and reduce coding and programming for HMI development. Developing magnificient GUI with DGUS save 90% work of programing. With DGUS various functions, variable data input, popup window, slider, incremental adjustment, bit icons, timer display and others can be simply accomplish with touch screen.

The developing process is under way of a few steps. First step is planning of variables and definition of a read/ write area with available values. Second step is designing of graphic user interface like icons, pictures, fonts etc , for example in Adobe Photoshop. In third step using the DWIN software customer can setup all functions inclusive touchscreen functions. In next step configuration files and graphic design are uploaded via RS232/USB interface into the DWIN module and user can test, degug and revise complete application. In last step config files and images can be stored in SD card for filling and mass production.

DWIN OS runs on basis of DGUS firmware. It is a programming internal software in which database operations and user-defined algorithms are integrated for industrial automation. The software runs automatically at the background. DWIN modul can act as host in a RS485 network and manage other Modbus devices directly.

Intelligent TFT Display without housing

Prefered product: DMT 48270T043_03WT

The OEM product with 4.3" TFT display and resisitive touch screen is the right and cheap product for small equipments. The display with 900 nits LED backlight and resolution 480 x 273 dots supports 90° rotation also (272 x 480). Interface CMOS/RS232, 115 kBd, operating temperature range from -20 to +70 C, 5-15 V DC, dimension 122 x 75 x 17mm. Supported with mini DGUS – modification of DGUS with a bit reduced features. Option - DMT48270T043_03W without touchscreen and brightness 900 nits.

Intelligent TFT Display without housing

Model NoProducerResolutionSizeInterfaceBrightnesHousingTouchDownload
DMT32240T035_02WTDwin 320x2403.5" 3.3V CMOS/232 300cdNoyesDatasheet
DMT48270T043_03WTDwin 480x272 4.3" 3.3V CMOS/232 900cdNoyesDatasheet
DMT80480T050_02WTDwin 800x480 5.0" 3.3V CMOS/232 900cdNoyesDatasheet
DMT64480T056_03WTDwin 640x480 5.6" 3.3V CMOS/232 250cdNoyesDatasheet
DMT80480T070_03WTDwin 800x480 7.0" 3.3V CMOS/232 300cdNoyesDatasheet
DMT80480T070_07WTDwin 800x480 7.0" 3.3V CMOS/232 300cdNoyesDatasheet
DMT80480T070_09WTDwin 800x480 7.0" 3.3V CMOS/232 900cdNoyesDatasheet
DMT10600T070_02WTDwin 1024x600 7.0" 3.3V CMOS/232 350cdNoyesDatasheet
DMT10600T070_03WTDwin 1024x600 7.0" 485/232 300cdNoyesDatasheet
DMT80600T080_07WTDwin 800x600 8.0" 3.3V CMOS/232 500cdNoyes CAPDatasheet
DMT80600T080_08WTDwin 800x600 8.0" 3.3V CMOS/232 500cdNoyesDatasheet
DMT80600T080_09WTDwin 800x600 8.0" 3.3V CMOS/232 1000cdNoyesDatasheet
DMT10768T097_02WTDwin 1024x768 9.7" 3.3V CMOS/232 400cdNoyesDatasheet
DMT10600T102_03WTDwin 1024x600 10.2" 3.3V CMOS/232 900cdNoyesDatasheet
DMT80600T104_04WTDwin 800x600 10.4" 3.3V CMOS/232 500cdNoyesDatasheet
DMT80600T121_03WTDwin 800x600 12.1" 3.3V CMOS/232 500cdNoyesDatasheet
DMT10768T150_03WTDwin 1024x768 15.0" 3.3V CMOS/232 400cdNoyesDatasheet

Note: All OEM displays are also available in version without touch.

Intelligent TFT display with Housing

Prefered product: DMT 80480T070_18WT

This product with 7" touch display covered in IP65 (front) ABS housing is recommended as substitute of standard HMI. The display with 300 nits LED backlight and resolution 800 x 480 dots support 90° rotation also (landscape). Interface RS232/ 485, 115 kBd, operating temperature range from -20 to +70 C, wide range volatage input 6 - 42V DC with reverse polarity protection, dimension 318 x 252 x 32mm. Supported with mini DGUS system software. Waterproof rubber gasket, CE certification.                                                  

Intelligent TFT Display with housing

Model NoProducerResolutionSizeInterfaceBrightnesHousingTouchDownload
DMT48270T043_15WTDwin 480x272 4.3" 485/232 300cdyesyesDatasheet
DMT48270T043_18WTDwin 480x272 4.3" 485/232 300cdyesyesDatasheet
DMT80480T050_18WTDwin 800x480 5.0" 485/232 300cdyesyesDatasheet
DMT80480T050_18WTZ1Dwin 800x480 5.0" 485/232 300cdyesyesDatasheet
DMT64480T057_18WTDwin 640x480 5.7" 485/232 300cdyesyesDatasheet
DMT80480T070_15WTDwin 800x480 7.0" 485/232 300cdyesyesDatasheet
DMT80480T070_18WTDwin 800x480 7.0" 485/232 300cdyesyesDatasheet
DMT80600T080_15WTDwin 800x600 8.0" 485/232 300cdyesyesDatasheet
DMT80600T080_16WTDwin 800x600 8.0" 485/232 900cdyesyesDatasheet
DMT80600T080_18WTDwin 800x600 8.0" 485/232 300cdyesyesDatasheet
DMT80600T080_19WTDwin 800x600 8.0" 485/232 500cdyesyesDatasheet
DMT10768T097_18WTDwin 1024x768 9.7" 485/232 300cdyesyesDatasheet
DMT80600T121_18WTDwin 800x600 12.1" 485/232 400cdyesyesDatasheet
DMT10768T150_18WTDwin 1024x768 15" 485/232 500cdyesyesDatasheet



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