Avalue Introduces New AMD Embedded G-Series

Avalue is unveiling its 3.5" SBC (single board computer) micro module, labeled ECM-KA, powered by the AMD Embedded G-Series 1st generation SoC APU based on 28nm design technology. The AMD Embedded G-Series SoC APU processors are built on Jaguar microarchitecture, and integrate up to Quad-core CPU and next generation graphics core. The ECM-KA will be the newest AMD-based offering, providing extremely low power consumption, high graphic performance, multimedia & I/O and a small footprint. The ECM-KA is designed to meet demands for the embedded market, such as industrial controls & automation, gaming, thin clients, retail/ digital signage, SMB storage server, surveillance, medical, communication, entertainment, and data acquisition applications. Avalue's ECM-KA has adopted the AMD Embedded G-Series 1st generation Quad-core GX-415GA 1.5GHz SoC APU and AMD SoC Integrated chipset.